The Benefits of Lentils

The Benefits of Lentils

Vegetarians and vegans often welcome lentils into their diets because of its' high protein, fiber content, nutrients, and its' multifaceted properties especially when it comes to cooking. 

Throughout history many civilizations have found the benefits of lentils, such as the Egyptians who had lentils in their tombs. Thus, implying that it was food of kings and held in high value. Nowadays, lentils are used in many cuisines around the world because of its variety and availability. 

Being that lentils are upheld as a superfood because it offers outstanding amounts of vitamins and minerals we are proud to use this staple food as the main and only ingredient in our pasta. Plain and simple lentils have amazing benefits, let's talk about some of the simple characteristics of such:

  • Lentils lower the risk of cardiovascular disease, because of the fiber and folate in them studies suggest high fiber foods lower the risk for heart disease and magnesium aids the blood circulation.
  • Lentils slow the rate of digestion and sugar absorption, this is done because of the high fiber content allows the rate of digestion to slow down. Leading to an absorption of glucose to slow down, and then regulating blood sugar levels.
  • Lentils may help in the prevention of birth defects in pregnant women, because of it's high folate content, a mineral that is key in preventing neural tube defects in unborn fetus. Having a lack of folate during pregnancy can lead to spinal cord defects and or even brain development problems.
  • Lentils aid in weight loss because they are a low calorie food that is filling and nutrient-dense. Prolongs the period before hunger sets in again, thus decreasing the times you feel hungry through the day. 
  • Lentils include low quantities of fat and sodium. But high amounts of potassium. 
  • Lentils are health-promoting source of nutrients, and contain a bioactive component "polyphenol" that have antioxidant potential and it's primary function is protecting against many diseases, one of them being diabetes. 

With these and many more benefits, we are so thankful to have a food that can replace the most beloved pasta dishes you love!  


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